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How To Attract Women In 5 Steps

April 21, 2012 By: Bill Preston Category: How To Flirt

Attract Women With ChivalryEvery man on this planet has something cool and unique to offer women. The trick, for most men, is just finding out what that is. If you want to learn how to attract women in a way that will build your self-esteem and make you the best man you can be, take a look at the following steps to doing so:

Step #1

1. Honest Self-Evaluation.

The very first step in attracting women is taking some time to look at your strengths and weaknesses. Figure out what makes you unique and what special qualities you have to offer women.

Look at yourself as a product. You are the product and the salesman.

When you do this, don’t forget to acknowledge if you have some particular weaknesses that might be standing in your way. For instance, if you are chronically shy that could affect your ability to meet and attract women. Look at ways to overcome that so it is not a liability.

Step #2


Good Grooming.

how to dress well

how to dress well (Photo credit: Montauk Beach)

I’m certain some men out there are scoffing at this piece of advice, but I would advise them to never take good grooming too lightly. It could make or break you. Women notice how a man is groomed. They notice if you have crappy shoes on, or if you have a pair of polished and stylish shoes. Ask the women you know if you don’t believe this. Like it or not, every single person makes a split-second judgment on other people based on appearances. Wrong or right, it’s reality.

You don’t have to be a fashion plate, but you do have to make sure you are groomed well enough that it appears you care about yourself. See, that’s the secret. Good grooming is a strong indicator of self-esteem. If you care enough to take the time to iron your shirt, shave your beard and brush your teeth, you are that much more ahead of the game.

Step #3

3. Fake it until you make it.

I’m talking about self-confidence. If your self-esteem leaves something to be desired, I want you to do this little trick. Go out to a club and walk in like you normally do.

Be like a scientist and carefully note the reactions you get from women.

The next week, on the same night, walk into that same club. But this time, I want you to be pumped up, having told yourself, and continually telling yourself, that you are one cool dude who is here to have fun and that women will love having you around. Don’t let any hesitation creep into your mind.

Make it your sole goal for the night, to keep this tape running through your head and then, sit back and see what happens.

Trust me, you’ll be amazed.

Step #4

4. Learn how to entertain.

In other words, have something to offer a woman when you walk up to her. Either learn how to effectively tease her in a way that is fun, not offensive, or learn a magic trick or memorize a great story. Go out there with the intention of offering her something to spice up your night. If you do this, you will automatically know how to attract women in a way that will work every single time you go out.

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