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How To Grow Your Calf Muscles

March 14, 2017 By: Bill Preston Category: Fitness

Of all the body parts that bodybuilder types wish to grow, calves have traditionally been among the toughest. Calves are like the forearms of our legs. It is much easier to grow big biceps and thighs than calves and forearms. But it is not impossible, in fact, if you follow my advice below you will be well on your way to having big admirable calf muscles.

Frustratingly for quite a few, the calves are among the human body’s muscles which are most resistant to growth. If you prefer to develop strong powerful calves, then begin practicing very brief sprint bursts.

For me, my calves are in fact disproportionately larger than the rest of my leg. The trick for me has been to only work them out once a week. So if you are wondering how to grow your calves and make them really big like mine, I suggest low reps, with maximum weight. Squats are great for this, but so are lunges.

So the key to getting bigger calves is to increase the weight, not the reps. Doing a lot of reps will make them lean, but again if you want really giant calves that are going to stand out and get you noticed, only work them once a week and use maximum weight.

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