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How To Make A Girl Feel At Home

April 27, 2012 By: Bill Preston Category: How To Talk To Girls


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It is what you have been angling for all night — or maybe all month. But she has finally decided to come over to your apartment for dinner or movies or whatever you have suggested.

What can you do to ensure that her visit is comfortable and will make her want to come back again.

Here are some ideas.

Now this first one should be a no brainer, but it must be said. Your place must be spotless. You must take some time to clean and pick up your place. You need to pay special attention to the bathroom and the kitchen. I guarantee you this is way more important than a clean bedroom. A girl is going to notice if you keep the bathroom and kitchen clean, so expend most of your energy in this area.

Then pick up the rest of the apartment or house and look for obvious signs of dirt — such as heavy dust build up or crap all over the carpet. Easy fixes. But make sure your kitchen and bath are spotless.

The next thing you need to concentrate on is making sure the temperature in your apartment is comfortable.

If it is a steamy hot summer night, you better have an army of fans or air conditioner. If it is cold, crank up the heat ahead of time and if that is not sufficient, then invest in some space heaters. Make it a little warmer than you would naturally. Women like to be warm and cozy.  The woman’s comfort is key here, right?

Ambience. This really matters to women. It can be achieved cheaply and simply with lighting and music. Even if you don’t have a lot of extra cash, you can invest in some cheap votive candles and holders. In fact, one of my tricks is to save my fancy Bonne Maman jelly jars and then put small white votive candles in them and put them EVERYWHERE around my place.

You can string white Christmas lights to evoke a romantic mood as well. Soft lighting is flattering to women and they love it. Bring on the romance! Ambience also involves smells. Don’t clutter your place with chemical smells from cleaning or other strong smells from incense or candles.  Buy non scented candles, especially for where you eat. Because people have such different preferences for scents, I always avoid any because nothing is worse than walking into a place with a smell that turns you off and not being able to get away from it.

Think about what music you want to play in relation to what sort of mood you want to build, as well. Have your music ready to go. The ambience of your place could really make or break your date.

After ambience, I would be sure to have something nice to drink — really whatever she likes.

Maybe even a bottle of champagne or a great bottle of wine and have that chilling and ready to go. Have something yummy to much on. Maybe some good cheese and some olives or some treats.

With a little bit of preparation, you can make your home inviting and make your girl want to come back over and over again.

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