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How To Make A Girl Smile

April 19, 2012 By: Bill Preston Category: How To Make A Girl Smile

Girls like men with sense of humor. This is a well-known fact. If a man can’t make the girl smile he has no chances with her. Making a girl smile is not just a way to her heart and mind but a way to create a friendly atmosphere, make a girl feel warm and all fuzzy. If you can make her smile you will stay longer on her mind and in her memories.

Smiles break ice in communication. Once the ice is broken it goes easier from there. So, your number one assignment is to make a girl smile.

Female smile.

Girl Smiling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course, there are different ways, and not all of them will work with every girl. Some funny jokes might not seem so funny if you picked the wrong moment to tell them.

You should always consider the situation, the environment and the person you are with before you make a move.  There are no ready formulas for you to use. You appreciate the situation and dive in. Just do not cross any borders, don’t be rude and arrogant, and know when to stop.

Numerous magazines, websites, coaches consider making a girl smile one of the priority strategies in flirting and attracting a woman. Yet, not many of them clearly explain what can and needs to be done if you want to win a girl by making her laugh.

Before you are off to make some girl laugh you have to make sure you know how to be funny.

It might sound obvious but for many people it is not. Some people are born with an amazing sense of humor and feel for situation. But most of us need to develop these qualities. Don’t be afraid to seem foolish or silly.

Learn being funny. Don’t just live through the day but live through the day with a smile, finding funny situations, turning them into anecdotes in your mind.

Don’t be afraid to use body language, facial expressions. If you have to, practice in front of a mirror.

Be positive and happy. Such attitude will attract people to you. Besides, being positive creates a special aura around you which by default makes people smile.

Now, when you are all happy and smiling you are ready to make someone else smile.

Here are the few tips that you might need to make a girl smile.


Smile at her and she will smile back at you

2. Send her cute text messages

3. Compliment her

4. Tell her you love her smile

5. Do fun things together

6. Be silly

7. Give teasing responses to her remarks and questions

8. Tell her jokes

9. Leave her funny and cute voice-mails

10. Surprise her


Dedicate a song to her

12. Tease her

13. Tickle her

14. Make her dreams (at least one) come true


Take her out on a chocolate tour

16. Send her a text message when she expects it the least (e.g. she is sitting next to you)

17. Use funny one-liners. But do it wisely.

18. Observe and use your observations in a funny way

19. Pluck flowers for her (better when nobody sees you)

20. Create a short poem for her

There are hundreds of ways to make a girl smile. But remember that it is very individual. Make sure you know the girl well enough and can predict her reactions.

If you have doubts it is better to go the safe way until you get to know her better.

But in any case avoid being a clown, using offensive language.

Don’t joke about her, her friends and/or family. And in no case be mean. If you follow these tips everything will fall right into the place, and your girl will smile right back at you.

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