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How To Pick Up Women At Work

June 12, 2012 By: Bill Preston Category: Pick Up Women

When you want to pick up women at work you have to be especially carefully. If you do something wrong you might end being charged for harassment. And even if you do everything right there can be misunderstandings and a lot of uncomfortable feelings when the relationship ends.
While it might seem simpler to pick up a woman at work for some reasons (you have valid reasons to talk to her, you know her, you can find reasonable pretences to talk to her, etc.) it is in a way more complicated that picking girls in the pub or in the club because of the same reasons.
Before you go for it you should in depth weigh all pros and cons of the situation and make your decisions accordingly. First of all, decide if she is worth it. If you have doubts better move on and leave her alone. If you are sure you want to do this, go ahead but you might want to follow few of the rules about how to pick up women at work.

1. Greet her every time you see her. A simple hi or hello is the first step to getting a woman. Short greetings turn into short conversations.

Be charming and unobtrusive.

Smile at her. Just a quick smile, no staring. Keep it simple. Your smile should make her feel comfortable and not threatened.

At the same time she should not come to the conclusion that you might have some hidden agenda.

Be your usual self, friendly and polite.
3. If you are lucky and this is the woman you work together on a project or in the same office and not some different department, look for any kind of opportunities to use. She did a good job on something, compliment her. Tell and show her what a good co-worker she is and how you appreciate her intelligence and dedication.

Don’t be afraid to ask her go with you for lunch or a cup of coffee. This is nothing unusual when it comes to co-workers. If you see she is uncomfortable, ask other co-workers to join you.
5. Once you have the opportunity to spend time together, be at your best self, flirt with her but don’t overdo it.

6. Make traditions. It can be anything. Send her good morning mails every day, or go for lunch every second day in a week, or anything that comes to your mind. You should become an integral part of your life. But don’t wait for long before you proceed to the next step. Once you cross the invisible line of becoming buddies it will be tough to get back to your initial plan.

Ask her out on a date. Make sure she understands you want an actual date and not one of your routine meetings.

Starting from the first date treat her as you would treat any other woman you want to pick up. Consider the company’s dating policy before proceeding to any serious steps.

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