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Kinetic Attraction Review: Adam Lyon’s Training Method Is Legit

October 18, 2017 By: Bill Preston Category: Dating Advice

Welcome to this review of the Kinetic Attraction Method, a new program from Adam Lyons. This program is literally the best thing to happen to single men in years.

It is widely known that body language comprises 93% of all communication in mammals (humans included), yet most of only focus on our words which only comprise 7% of actual communication.

Have you ever seen a guy talking to a girl and he doesn’t say anything special, yet she is just falling all over him? That is body language attraction.

It is literally hard-wired into our subconscious and has been developed through evolution over thousands of years. It is not something we can control.

While there are other Kinetic Attraction reviews, this one was written a guy who not only has been through all of the training, but also has applied it to his own personal dating life.

And it has been great…

What Is The Kinetic Attraction Method

kinetic attraction system

The Kinetic Attraction Method is an online training course created by Adam Lyons, derived from his $8k a seat training conference. This is the same material he charges individual clients $20k per weekend to learn.

During the training Adam uses his students and his two super hot girlfriends to demonstrate how he uses kinetic attraction principles to generate liquid hot attraction with women.

It also has modules that cover the quickest way to escape the friend zone, how Kinetic Attraction can be used to master online dating and even the secret to managing successful long term relationships by using the Kinetic Attraction principles.

It literally has it all…

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Who Is Kinetic Attraction For?

Any guy who wants to have women approaching and flirting with him, with zero chance of rejection is the perfect candidate for this training.

In fact, since the training does not rely on clever pick up lines or smooth conversation, the system works amazingly well regardless of the level of communication skills of the man using it.

Any guy who is willing to put in the effort to watch the videos and apply the simple techniques and strategies that are laid out step-by-step, will find success with this method.

What Do You Get With Kinetic Attraction

In addition to the hours and hours of video training, which is backed up by scientific data, including live demonstrations of the tactics, you also will get immediate access to the following:

kinetic attraction bonuses

Sexual Texting – innocent text messages that will get her hot and bothered, ready to take out her sexual urges on you.

Conversational Confidence – The five simple conversation tricks so that you never run out of things to say.

Take Her Breath Away – the easiest way to make a woman beg for your attention, even if you just met her.

The Fuck Buddy Formula – the secret to converting that cute friend into a friend with benefits.

Touch Her S-Spot – The secret way to touch a woman that will leave her completely satisfied.

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What I Like Most About Kinetic Attraction

What’s not to like? There are hours and hours of super high-quality video content with Adam and his two beautiful girlfriends demonstrating the exact techniques found the kinetic attraction principles.

He literally covers everything, from the science to why this works, to how it has been hard-wired in our evolutionary minds to uncontrollably find the techniques incredibly desirable.

It works for any type of man, whether he is shy and introverted or has had little success with women in the past. It will dramatically change every interaction he has with women moving forward.

Plus it comes with a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee.

My Recommendation

This will come as no surprise, I highly recommend this training for any man who is looking to increase the amount of high-quality, in his dating life. It works on auto-pilot and is literally rejection proof.

I use it myself, and have had amazing results. I suggest you do the same.

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