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Three Simple Methods To Making Girls Smile

January 18, 2013 By: Bill Preston Category: How To Make A Girl Smile

Any guy worth his salt knows that he is in-like-Flynn if he is able to make a girl smile. It is the secret that unlocks a whole lot of fun and potential.

Once a girl smiles, she has opened herself up to hear what a guy has to say and will nine times out of ten, give him her time and attention.



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That smile reveals a whole world. It demonstrates that a layer, or rather, barrier, of self-protection has been destroyed and thrown to the wayside.

That smile shows that a girl is open and receptive to the person right in front of her.

Not to mention, a smile also amplifies a girls’ beauty tenfold, right?

So, we all know the goal is to make that cute girl break into a smile, but we are less sure just how to go about that.

So we talked to Bill Preston from PUAForums.com and he shared his top three ways to make girls smile.

Tip #1

The best way to make girls smile is also the most obvious one: Make her laugh. If you can make a girl laugh, you’ve accomplished so many more things in addition to putting a smile on her face.

* You’ve triggered feel-good hormones to zing through her.

* You’ve associated yourself with something pleasurable.

* You’ve brought levity and joy into her life.

*You’ve made yourself look good to any other women in the room.

So, just how do you make a girl laugh? There are many ways to do so and a few ways not to do so. Being self-deprecating and silly almost always works. Making fun of her or someone else in the room, nearly never works. Study ways to make a girl laugh and her smile will instantly appear.

Tip #2

The second best way to make a girl laugh is by gently teasing her. Beware that you don’t go in and do this without being prepared.

Learn the fine line between insulting a girl and teasing her and tiptoe very carefully along it. If you can effectively tease a girl, she won’t be able to help but smile.

One good rule of thumb is teasing her like you would your best friend’s little sister.

You would never say anything cruel, but tease her in a gentle, fun way.

Tip #3

Smile at her.

Now, this one seems the most obvious, but you’d be surprised how many guys fail to do this. They walk up to a girl all cocky and serious and alpha male and wonder why she just stares at them stonily. They would be astonished at how simple this trick is. If a guy walks up to a girl and has a genuine, true smile on his face, only the most stone-hearted girl would refuse to smile back. Period.

Any guy who remembers these three tips is bound to be successful in making a girl smile. And if all three of these methods fail, it is worth considering the source. In other words, does a guy even want to be with a girl who won’t respond to his smile or his gentle teasing or his funny joke? I don’t think so. Men, hold your standards high.

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