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How To Not Sound Needy Over Text Messages

October 25, 2012 By: Bill Preston Category: Texting Girls

Nothing kills attraction quite like a needy, non-alpha male text sent to a girl you just met.

A lot of guys in this dating world don’t take texting as seriously as they should and as a result, they blow it often before they get that first one-on-one meeting.

Don’t blow attraction before you’ve even had a chance to build it.

Text messaging is actually a strategic way to build attraction and arrange for an in-person meeting. When a guy forgets that, all is lost.

It’s not a fun little exercise in communication. In fact, it’s a terrible way to communicate. You can’t tell somebody’s tone, mood, or meaning on text and misunderstandings can easily result.

Many men come across needy when they are texting girls. The biggest mistake they make is texting in a predictable pattern.

In other words, a guy’s response time to a girl becomes predictable. It could be that the guy responds immediately to every text she sends. (God forbid! This screams desperate loser with no life waiting around at home alone for your text!)

Or, nearly as bad, but not quite, is the guy who always, always responds to her text an hour later. Or a day later.

But this is still much more preferable than responding immediately.

But the best way to respond to a girl is to mix it up a bit. Every once in a while, respond to a text immediately. Other times, for no apparent reason, wait a few hours. Another time, wait a day or two.

Also, be the first one to break off contact every once in a while. You might even try doing this in the middle of a conversation. You can always come back the next day and either pretend like there was no gap in time or you can even apologize in a vague, mysterious way, saying, “sorry, something came up.” Either way works.

neonsAlso, to avoid coming off as needy, don’t ask for anything by text. Instead, tell her what is going to happen. For instance, instead of saying, “Want to hang out Friday night,” say “Going to cool new bar, Neon, on Friday. Meet me there.”

Let her be the one to turn it into a question and respond with an answer. Don’t ask. Just tell. If she doesn’t want to go, she’ll let you know. She’ll like your confidence and how you take charge.

Asking things, such as if she wants to meet you someplace, or how she feels, or what she is doing, all reek of neediness. Don’t ask anything.

Instead, tell. Tell her about your awesome day. Tell her about how stoked you are about your new account. Don’t ask. Tell.

So, to avoid coming off needy when you are texting a girl, remember to make sure your response time is not predictable and make sure you are not asking her anything. If you can follow these two rules alone, you are halfway to being a guy who can attract women through texting.

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