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The Top Three Rules for Dating Hot Women

January 10, 2013 By: Bill Preston Category: Dating Advice

sexy-womanSo, you finally snagged the hottest girl you’ve ever seen grace the planet (which you learned how to get from reading posts on sites like this of course. You’ve gong on your first date and things went smashing but now you are worried about keeping the interest and momentum up. But more than that, you are terrified to the bone that you will somehow blow it and that this good thing will explode in your face and leave you wondering what hit you.

Sometimes it seems like things are sailing along smoothly and then — whammy — it all falls apart. Most of the time, men are left sitting there clueless with no idea how or why or where it went wrong.

Here are three tips to help you avoid blowing it with your dream girl.

1. Whatever you do, don’t compliment this gorgeous woman on her looks. If you do this, you become a dime a dozen guy. You are just like every Joe Blow out there.

If you feel that you absolutely positively can’t resist floating a compliment her way, make it creative and make it count.

Find something to compliment about her that is a statement about some effort she has made, not her God-given natural born looks.

For instance, compliment her on her ability to tell a raunchy joke. Or give her props for her knowledge of obscure German films. In other words, notice and point out something that makes her different and interesting and unique from other women.

2. Avoid telling her you like her at all costs. You should never ever find yourself saying how cool you think she is, or how much you like her, or that you’re so glad you met her or any other chump change like this. You need never tell her you like her. Why? It makes you look lame. And besides that, your actions speak louder than words. If she complains about this or asks you if you like her, you can answer simply by saying “If I didn’t like being around you I wouldn’t waste my time doing so.”

Period. It’s that simple. You need never come out and just say it. It should be obvious and that is way more effective than coming out across like a needy chump.


Don’t always be available. I don’t care how difficult it is to pry yourself away from her loving arms, make sure that you maintain your old life and your old friends at all costs. Tell her occasionally that you are not available to hang out because you already have plans.

You don’t even need to go into details. Until you are in a committed, exclusive relationship with this hottie, you need to maintain mystique and distance if you plan on keeping her around.

Be busy. Have an active life without her. It will only make her want you more. Don’t do it all the time, though.

Moderation, like in all things in life, is the key.

If you follow these three tips alone, you stand a greater chance than average of holding onto that hot chick for life — or as long as you like!  If you need help meeting that perfect girl, I would suggest you start with this newbie guide.  It’s a great resource for guys learning to become good with women.

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