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Finally! Dating Advice For Men

June 20, 2012 By: Bill Preston Category: Dating Advice

Welcome to Kvinno Forum, with top dating advice for men.  This is the premiere destination for men looking to become better with women and improve their social life.  Whether you are looking to become a PUA (otherwise known as a pick up artist), or just want to have more options with women and dating.

You’ve found the right place. The simple reality is that most guys who are trying to get good with women and are trying to become a PUA will many times just focus on the women instead of themselves.  They project their thoughts and feelings outward and in many cases try to change people around them. It is very manipulative if you break it down.

For example, instead of thinking – what should I work on to improve myself to have other people want to spend time with me, they try to think of easy ways for people to be tricked into liking them. The question someone should ask themselves is “Am I living the type of lifestyle where other guys and gals would want to hang out with me?”  If not, then engineer your life style where you are that fun guy that people enjoy being around.

Don’t be negative, have fun, do fun things.

Take the advice given from guys who are active members of sites like this one, read at least 10 posts a day and focus on constant improvement.

  Hit the gym, learn some new hobbies, learn the best way to text a girl, play some sports.  Be active, social and give love to others. One way to think of this is to lead with a giving hand. Approach your interactions with people, as how can I make them happier that this instant?

Learn some opening lines that will help break the ice, then focus on bringing them value.  Now don’t be a wussy, or act needy or do things JUST to make people happy at your expense… but find ways for both of you to have fun.

Bring them value, instead of manipulating them or the situation to take value.

  Most guys don’t think of dating in this way, they are much too aware of what they are going to get out of an interaction, instead of taking the time to think about what the people around them are getting.

Remember, everyone wants a few simple things in life.

They want to be happy, they want to feel safe and they want to feel like other people respect them.  If you can provide those simple things to them, they will naturally be drawn to you as a person since you are fulfilling their core values in life. So listen, get out there start meeting people and think of how you are delivering value to everyone you are talking to at that moment.

Stay out of your own head, and instead enjoy the moment you are in and consciously think about how the people you are with are feeling.

  Are their core values being met?  If not, focus on what you can do to deliver a positive experience to help make their night better. If you take the time to do that, all of your interactions with women (and people in general) will dramatically improve. So get out there and give it a try. Bill Preston

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